Learn how to harness the power of play and become a serious game designer.

The Game Beyond is a workshop in Game Design given by Gabe Mac. This workshop is designed to tap into natural game play habits of the participants, giving a deeper understanding of the art of game design. This is done by using a model that allows for the design of a variety of games to overcome real world challenges. The workshop itself is a game designed to get the participants in a flow of collaborative innovation and rapid prototyping.

This takes the BS out of Gamification.
— Jeffrey Taylor, The Firebird Feather Company

This workshop's Game Design curriculum is based on over a decade of teaching at the College of Arts of Utrecht, Design for Virtual theater and Games. The model has been applied to develop variety of award winning games and marketing campaigns. After participating in the workshop, players will have a base knowledge in making more effective gamification strategies. Players will understand how to use game mechanics, feedback loops and rulesets to design customized gamification to targeted groups. At the end of workshop, a number of prototype game strategies are designed.

This workshop is the equivalent to the first semester of a Game Design Masters program, in a few hours.
— Jelte van der Maat, HKU Game Design Graduate

What you will learn

 The Game Beyond at Amsterdam Startup Week

The Game Beyond at Amsterdam Startup Week

  • How to translate challenges into Game Goals.
  • How to design game rules for players and systems.
  • Effective use of Game Mechanics for your goal.
  • How to connect with the subconscious hero drive inside everyone.
  • How to prototype and design games for production.
  • How to use negative and positive feedback loops effectively.
Its was a very good presentation, Gabe is a great talker and really knows how to gain the attention of the audience. It was a pleasure taking this workshop. Now I’m gonna get deeper into Gamification.
— Daniel, Amsterdam Startup Week Participant

The Game Beyond Online Course

Perfect for an individual or small group, The Game Beyond is now available online at Udemy.com. You can learn the secrets of Game Design on your tablet or phone at home. This course is priced at € 99.00. As a premiere promotion, we are giving away discounts to the first students. Click on the "GET COURSE DISCOUNT" to claim yours.

Live Workshop details

For larger groups, we have Live Workshops available. These workshops take place at the client's chosen location.


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9 - 30 People



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