Artists can now paint in Virtual Reality

The next evolution in painting has arrived. Tilt Brush. There have been a number of technological evolution that have transformed artists and movements over the years. The invention of the closable paint tube lead to the impressionist and expressionist movements. Flash photography led to documentary and photo journalism. Computers and programmable rules led to interactive art and video games. Now Google has provided a tool which I believe will be the first major step in the evolution of art. 3D painting.


3D is a tag of our time. We watch 3D movies more, have 360 Youtube videos we watch, print 3D objects at home. However the authoring of those 3D objects has still been clunky and difficult. VR allows us to paint in a virtual 3D space, and export that file.

Image Via Eyal Gever

Image Via Eyal Gever

Right now people see it as simply making 3D paintings, however you can also see this as the 3D object authoring platform. Simply draw in Virtual space what you would like to make, and then print out a 3D print of the final result. Much like the work of my good friend Eyal Gever, who has made a name for himself in the 3D printing world as a upcoming master. His art takes 3D animations, finds a perfect 'sublime moment' and the prints that as a large scale sculpture. The imagination that this new movement allows is taking us into a whole new world of Art predicted by the post-modernists calling it Hyper Reality. The moment when that which is virtual and reality become indistinguishable.

Let us know what amazing 3D creations you make from this app. You can get it on steam and use it with an HTC Vive. Soon I hope to show a demo. [ Via Rupert Shäfer ]